Acid Primer or Non-Acid primer. Does it really contain acid???

Does acid primers really contain acid…….. ouch!!!

If acid primers really contained acid, then the nail plate will eventually melt away or at least that’s the theory.

Acid primer contain a chemical called meth-acrylic acid which acts like a double side sticky tape but aren’t sticky. Instead the molecules have 2 arms or branches. One branch is strongly attracted to the nail plate while the other chemically reacts with the product. If you soak a nail clipping in the acid primer, the nail clipping will still be in tack months from now.

Non-acid primers do not contain meth-acrylic acid, are not corrosive and provide improved adhesion. Some non-acid primers also behave like double sided sticky tape while others form a strong bond directly to the keratin protein to provide enhancements with superior adhesion.

So, no acid primers are not corrosive to the nail plate and it certainly does not “open up” the nail plate to enhance bonding.

However, it is corrosive to the skin. So if you are using acid primers, be very careful around the cuticle area and make sure your primer does not touch the skin.


*Facts based on a book called “Face to face with Dough Schoon”

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