Mixing product lines…..

Ever mixed your core products with different product lines because you believe their bonder is better……..

Core systems are designed to fit together in order to function properly and safely. Primers, nail preps and product are formulated and tested to ensure they work well together and are compatible.

Adding something to a nail powder or UV Gel that wasn’t designed for that product may mean you’re using it incorrectly. The nail technician is skipping all the testing a manufacturer would normally do to ensure an additive is safe and effective. Just because nothing happens immediately, doesn’t mean it won’t in the long run.

When product lines are mixed together and not used as they were designed, unexpected consequences can occur later down the line. When it eventually does occur, the nail technician will have no idea how to solve the problem because it is related to many small changes over time.

Here at At Ur Fingertips, we are here to help. We have quality products designed to save you time and money and knowledge of the science behind nails and products.

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