Acrylic Platinum Powder Light Pink 20g


The Platinum Powder in Light Pink is a semi-transparent, light pink acrylic powder that you can use for a natural overlay, with a French manicure, but also for the most beautiful baby boomer nails.

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Unique, one-of-a-kind powder. Special ingredients allow the powder to combine so effectively with the Platinum Liquid that anyone can create the perfect nail. These powders are available in 7 colours.

  • The Platinum Powder works perfectly with the Platinum Liquid to create the most beautiful nails.
  • Light Pink is ideal to use with a natural overlay, French manicure or baby boomer;
  • Super product control and no air!
  • Works in most environments with a 2 to 1 ratio, but may vary in environments with different temperatures.
  • This liquid is made to be combined with the Platinum Liquid or the Platinum Liquid 2.0;


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