Fiber Gel – Thick Clear 30ml


A thick Clear Gel from Nail Creation’s nail enhancement range. This gel has an extra thick viscosity, making it very strong yet easy to work with. The special formula prevents lifting and breakages and is suitable for nail extensions as well as for restoring and reconstructing ripped or broken nails. A top coat is not necessary, since the Fiber Gel can be polished to a high gloss.

Extra thick viscosity | Self levelling | Super easy application


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Where Fiber meets Gel…. This Superior technology Gel by Nail Creation results in natural-looking nail enhancements every time. No need for excessive filing after curing and provides ultimate adhesion with no lifting or cracking. The special formula flows beautifully, ensuring workability and durability. A great choice for building and repairing broken nails. Cures with its own high gloss finish.

Durable | Ultimate Adhesion | Self levelling | Very easy to use

For Professional use only. To ensure you are purchasing the right products for your skill level, we need to see your Qualification Certificates please (pictures from your phone will do).

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